Sheldrick's elephant and rhino nursery

 Sheldrick's Elephant and Rhino nursery, a caretaker feeds a baby elephant <sup>1</sup>

Sheldrick's Elephant and Rhino nursery, a caretaker feeds a baby elephant 1
A rehabilitation centre and nursery for elephants and rhinos run by the Sheldrick wildlife trust.

Here you may find Elephants and rhinos of all ages from ones just days old to several years.

Most of them are from national parks and reserves in Kenya, and are being cared for until when they can be released back into the wild or the reintegration camps.

What to do there?View young rhinos and elephant, learn about them, with a chance to feed them and even adopt one.

This doesn't mean you leave with one in your car, but merely sponsor one.

The place is open to the public for one hour at 11:00 am everyday except Christmas, though foster parents get extra time in the evening.

There also are a number of souvenir shops.

Best time to visitAny time of the year

Location of Sheldrick's elephant and rhino nurserySheldrick's elephant and rhino sanctuary sits in the forests of Nairobi national park's south western end.

How to get thereBy vehicle, cycling, walking and even public transport — with an entry point along Magadi Rd.

Just minutes from here is JKIA airport and the SGR train station.

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