Twin Peaks

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Altitude: 3400 m.a.m.s.l. (base)

A pair of large volcanic towers, situated near one another — in Aberdare national park.

Though not the highest in the area, the top offers amazing views to those experienced enough to scale them.

What to do thereHike or safari drive to the place, rock climbing, game viewing — both along the way and onsite, picnics, bird watching, camping nearby.

Some water proof gear and warm clothes may be a good thing to have with you.

Best time to visitThe dry days of the year

Location of Twin Peaks The twin peaks are in the northern moorlands of the Aberdare ranges, and inside Aberdare national park.

It is also a cold highland area, a few kilometres from of the equator and near the road from Shamata gate.

How to get thereBy vehicle or hiking, with the latter requiring an armed KWS ranger escort.

A vehicle can get you close to the area, though the last bit has to be done on foot.

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