Kikelelwa campsite


Altitude: 3660 m.a.m.s.l.

Kikelelwa campsite is an overnight resting point that is located along the longer Rongai route - of mt. Kilimanjaro. It is only used by those along the route that goes through the base of Mawenzi, in which case it is the third campsite encountered. The camp offers no housed accommodation, instead requiring all hikers intending to stay at the campsite to bring their own tents, food and other supplies. Due to the lack of water supply, most toilets at the camp are dry toilets in the form of pit latrines.

Location of Kikelelwa campsite

Kikelewa campsite is located in the north eastern part of the mountain and inside the moorland zone of vegetation. Most of the plants nearby are shorter than what you would see in the lower parts of the mountain, but the are does receive some rainfall. A few of the smaller animals such as rodents may be spotted in the area but don't expect to see any of the big game animals.

The campsite is also located on downward sloping ground, with a few of the smaller rocks scatttered everywhere and no wind blocking hills in sight (high winds). The nights at the campsite are also very quiet, so be sure to bring a few friends along if you are not brave at heart. The next camp after this is the Mawenzi tarn camp while the previous one before this is the Second cave campsite.
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