Naiburta campsite

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A public campsite inside Hell's gate national park, with facilities such as toilets, shelters where you could cook and eat, picnic benches, bathrooms and a fireplace.

It has magnificent views of the cliffs, sitting across the valley from them.

Some of the geothermal wells and power stations can be seen from here.

It is termed public because no prior booking is required and can be shared by more than one person or group.

What to do there?Camping, hiking, game viewing from the comfort of your campsite, or see the park's cliffs some of which are over 100m high.

Also bird watching, biking and horse riding nearby, picnics and bush lunches.

Best time to visit?The dry season of July to November or January to February every year, for a drier camping experience.

Location of Naiburta campsiteNaiburta campsite sits on the northern end of Hell's gate national park, within walking distance of Fischer's tower.

It is on a hillside and you can also see some of the park's cliffs from here.

How to get thereBy vehicle, hiking, horse riding or biking — from Elsa gate nearby, or other gates into the park.

The nearest airstrip is in Naivasha town, about 30 minutes away by car.

Naivasha is a few hours northwest of Nairobi by bus or SGR train.

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