Duluti forest club

    The Duluti forest club is a privately owned bar, restaurant and lake side compound that is located at the end of lake Duluti's forest trail in the suburbs of Arusha - Tanzania

    No membership is required to use the compound, as long as you are buying food, drinks or renting one of the many canoes (privately owned). At the time of writing, the canoes are available for TSHS 10,000 - local citizens or USD 10 for other nationals.

    Location of Duluti forest clubThe forest club is located on the shores of Lake Duluti and about a kilometre drive from the Arusha - Moshi highway. It normally is the first thing you see after completing the two hour long lake Duluti hiking trail. For more information on its location, please see the map below (click to start).

    How to get there?There is no public transport from the highway to the club, so for these part you would have to either use a taxi or walk; However, there are buses from the city centre to Tengeru, the suburb at which the turning point to the lake is.

    Alternatively, you could use private transport or a tours and travel vehicle.

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