Sapper hut

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A two-roomed wooden cabin, self catering accommodation in Aberdare national park.

One of the rooms is the bedroom, with two beds, each with a mattress. The other is a sitting and dining area.

At the front is a small porch and an outdoor fireplace, with Toilets and bathrooms at the rear, in a smaller hut.

It has amazing views of the moorlands and a small waterfall on the river nearby.

Visitors have to bring their own food and bedding.

What to do there?Spend a some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city, bird watching, game viewing, picnics.

A good resting/starting point for those hiking in the park, though pre-booking is required.

Best time to visitAny time during the less rainy days of the year

Location of Sapper hut Sapper hut sits in the moorlands of southern Aberdare national park, near one of the tributaries that feed the Gura river.

The Queen's cave is but a few minutes drive from here.

How to get thereBy vehicle, as there aren't any airstrips nearby.

The nearest entrance points are at Kiandongro gate and Matubio west gate.

4x4s are recommended, especially during the rainy seasons.
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