Mount Satima

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Altitude: 4001 m.a.m.s.l.

The third highest mountain in Kenya, after mountains Kenya and Elgon, and the highest part of the Aberdare ranges.

Also known as Ol doinyo Lesatima — a Masai name meaning 'mountain of the bull calf'.

The top has amazing views of the rift valley, the Aberdare ranges, and on a clear day — lake Naivasha and mount Kenya.

It is a popular trekking destination, with most climbs taking less than a day.

What to do there?Hiking, trekking, picnics, bird watching, game viewing, camping nearby.

Best time to visitAny time during the less rainy days of the year

Location of Mount Satima Mount Satima is situated in the northern highlands of Aberdare national park.

It is also on the northern end of the Aberdare ranges, with the great rift valley to its west.

How to get thereBy vehicle or hiking. The latter may require an armed KWS ranger escorting you.

Most vehicles end at the road head, with the rest of the way being done on foot.

4x4s are recommended for driving during the rains.

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