Dar national museum

    The Dar es Salaam National museum is a site that showcases the history of Tanzania and is located at the centre of Dar es Salaam's CBD - Tanzania. It is the oldest in the country and has three large buildings.

    Some of the sections museums sections include:
    • The rock arts section
    • Contemporary arts section
    • Thecradle of humankind
    • A library for adults
    • A library for children
    • Marine life

    A history of the placeThe museum was first established in 1934 by then governor of Tanganyika Harold MacMichael [1] but was not opened to the public until 1940. Since then two more buildings have been added, with the last one being the culture wing in 2011.

    What to do there?Find out more about the history of Tanzania from as early as the 6th century or even earlier if you consider the displays about the origin of mankind; However, most of the actual information is on stories and not in the actual pictures. There are no video or audio explanations, thus a lot of reading is required to gain any information, unless of course if you got a guided tour. There also are two libraries near the entrance, one for children and one for adults. Each of these is equipped with tablets from which to browse the library's archives

    The museum also has a few artifacts that are quite interesting such as one of the cars from the bombing of the 1998 US embassy or never before seen pictures of J.K. Nyerere and a bed that was actually used by Sheikh Hussein of Kilwa in the 18th century. There even is a propeller from the first plane that tried to fly from Cairo to Cape town, but sadly crashed in the country.

    Still we think that sections such as that of the animals, rock arts and marine life could do with some more information, including where to actually find some of these items. If you've visited this place recently or about to, then please let us know what you thought of it using our facebook page.

    Location of Dar national museumThe Dar es Salaam national museum is located on Shaaban Robert street, opposite the institute of finance and management and well inside the CBD of Dar es Salaam - Tanzania. Its location puts it in the oldest part of the city and close to other attraction such as the botanical gardens, Kivukoni fish Market, St. Joseph's cathedral and the Azania front Lutheran church. For more information on its location, please see the map below (click to start).

    How to get there?If you are in the city, there is the UDA public bus service that passes right in front of the museum, from Kariakoo and Mnazi mmoja stations if you are anywhere near there. The only other bus service option that go near the place are the dala dalas and the BRT system with the area which you would be headed with the bus being called Posta of Kivukoni respectively; However, with these you will be required to do some walking before finally getting there. For specifics on how to get there or driving route for those with personal transport, please use the map.

    References1. http://www.mnrt.go.tz/agencies/national-museums-of-tanzania-nmt/ - Accessed on 12th May 2017

    AbbreviationsCBD - Central Business District

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