Desert museum

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Altitude: 384 m.a.m.s.l.

Showcases the unique heritage of 8 communities living around lake Turkana, namely the El Molo, Turkana, Pokot, Rendile, Samburu, Gabbra, Watta and Dassanach.

It was opened in june 2008 and has amazing views of the lake — from a higher vantage point.

Located near Loiyangalani, a small town whose name means 'a place of many trees', in the local Samburu language.

Like its name suggests, Loiyangalani is an oasis amidst the desert.

What to do thereLearn more about the history, lifestyle and culture of these 8 tribes as well as local folklore and topography of the area nearby.

Or go camping, shopping for souvenirs, cultural tours to nearby villages, visit the beaches, rock painting sites, go fishing, swimming and boating.

Or visit the area for the Turkana festival, held annually.

Best time to visitAny time of the year

Location of Desert museumLoiyangalani museum sits on top of a hill, with good panoramic views of lake Turkana's turqoise waters.

This is on the south eastern shores of the lake — a few minutes drive outside Loiyangalani town's centre.

And yes, its in a desert.

How to get thereBy vehicle, air or boat — if from other parts of the lake.

There is an all weather airstrip in Loiyangalani town, from where you could rent a car or other transport means to the museum.

Loiyangalani is also reachable by bus.

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