Prince bernhard's waterfall

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One of the smaller and more easily reached falls of Udzungwa national park, located a short hike away from the park headquarters at Mangula. It was named after prince Bernhard of the Netherlands who visited the park but was unable to hike to the falls higher up the mountain.

A part of the Mwaya river, they are usually visited as part of a longer hike, as they are too close to the park offices.

What to do there?Take a short hike to it, whether to just enjoy the scenery, for fun or to get closer to nature. There are campsites, as well as a park lodge nearby making the falls a good destination while waiting for a longer hike.

For a list of other attraction in the area, please see our attractions page

Best time to visit?Any time of the year, though the rest of the park may be less accessible in the rainy season of March to June.

Location of Prince bernhard's waterfallPrince Bernhard's waterfalls are located near the eastern border of Udzungwa national park, and the Mangula park offices. For more information on this location, please see the map below.

How to get there?By air, train, bus or private vehicle, with the TAZARA railway passing a few minutes from the park weekly. The same train goes from Dar es Salaam to Zambia, through rural Tanzania and the northern edges of Selous game reserve - a more scenic way of getting here.

You could also get to Mangula by bus from almost all regions in the country, but you may have to use connecting bus from Morogoro, or Mikumi depending on where you are from.

There are a number of airstrips in the area, with the nearest being at Kilombero, though you may need to arrange for extra transport from there to the park.

For more information on park fees and tariffs, please see the TANAPA website. Also note that you may need to be accompanied by a TANAPA ranger or registered guide.

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