Kogatende airstrip

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Altitude: 1400 m.a.m.s.l.

An airstrip that is located on the banks of the Mara river and in northern Serengeti national park. It serves as a convenient way to access one of the most remote areas of the park as well as air safaris of some of its most beautiful landscapes.

What to do there?Catch a flight into or out of the northern area, or game drives of it and nearby areas — especially to see the Mara river crossing when the wildebeest migration is in season. But the area has other animals to see as well including buffalo, lions and other big cats.

For a list of other attractions in the area, please see the attractions page.

Best time to visit?Any time not in the rainy season of March to June, with the month of July seeing the area overrun with herds of wildebeest and Zebra, migrating north into Maasai mara..

Location of Kogatende airstripKogatende airstrip is located on the southern banks of the Mara river, a few kilometres south of the border between Tanzania and Kenya. It is also in an area of Serengeti national park that is used by the wildebeest and Zebra herds to cross the river as part of their annual migration north.

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How to get there?By air or by vehicle, with the first flying in from other airstrips in Serengeti or regions of Tanzania, as well as a short air safari — a must have during the migration.

The longer more scenic route is usually done as part of a larger tour, coming in from the southern gates such as Naabi hill or Ndabaka and taking anything from a few days to a week.

There is no preference for 4x4's but they do perform better and allow you to roam the plains without fear of getting stuck in the mud. Both rentals and private cars could be used.

For more information on park fees and tarrifs, please see the TANAPA website.

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