Naabi hill gate

    Altitude: 1600 m.a.m.s.l.

    An administrative checkpoint and the location of both TANAPA and NCAA offices that is located in the eastern part of the serengeti national park.

    What to do there?Pay for and get new permits, for either Serengeti national park or Ngorongoro conservation area.It is also an exit point for either park, where you could get your permit scanned for checkout.

    There also is a viewpoint in the area that gives an amazing 360 degree view of the surrounding ‘endless plains’ or Serengeti, as well as a coffee shop and normal shop where you could buy snacks, souvenirs, maps etc.

    Best time to visit?Anytime of the year as the roads to this place from Serengeti or Ngorongoro are all seasons dirt roads. Depending on what time of the year, you may get to see the wildebeest migration in either Serengeti or Ngorongoro

    Location of Naabi hill gateNaabi hill gate is located a few kilometres from the actual eastern serengeti border with Ngorongoro. Just like its name suggests it is atop one of the only hills in the area with endless plains spanning as far as the eye can see in either direction.

    For more information on its location please, see the map below.

    How to get there?By vehicle, about a 30 mins drive from lake Ndutu, or the Olduvai gorge museum and about an hour from Seronera.The dirt roads on the way here can get a bit bumpy, thus any car that can handle them would be suitable to get here regardless of whether or not it a 4 x 4.

    As it is inside a national park you would need to pay for the required permits before heading out here. (See TANAPA website for Serengeti or NCAA website for Ngorongoro).

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