Dragon's teeth

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Altitude: 3700 m.a.m.s.l. (base)

A set of volcanic towers in Aberdare national park, arranged in a way that looks like the remains from a jaw of a Dragon.

They are one of the higher points in the ranges, with most being almost vertical.

Used as a destination for rock climbing, with the top providing amazing views of the surrounding moorlands, and even further on a clear day.

What to do thereHike to the place, rock climbing, game viewing — a good place to see leopards and a variety of antelopes, picnics, bird watching, camping.

Water proof gear and some warm clothes may be necessary.

Best time to visitThe dry days of the year

Location of Dragon's teethDragon's teeth sits in the northern moorlands of the Aberdare ranges, a few kilometres south of the equator.

This is a cold area inside Aberdare national park, that sometimes gets foggy.

On a clear day, the highest peak in the ranges — Mount Satima, can be seen from here.

How to get thereBy hiking, normally requiring an armed KWS ranger escort.

Although a vehicle can get you close to the area, with 4x4s being recommended.

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