Pofu campsite

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Altitude: 3995 mamsl

Pofu camp is an overnight resting point or campsite that is located on mount Kilimanjaro, at the base of Kibo volcanic peak. The camp is located on the northern side of Uhuru peak(highest point in Africa) and when compared to the more famous routes of Kilimanjaro, it has very little traffic.

The campsite is exclusively used by hikers on the northern circuit route as it is well away from the paths that any other route uses.

There are virtually no built structures at the campsite with the only accommodation option being in tents.

Pofu campsite is one of the many camps used on the longest part of the northern circuit route, thus giving hikers a wide range of options on where to rest depending on the levels of fatigue.

The other camps being Buffalo and third cave camp.

Location of Pofu campsite Pofu camp is located close to Buffalo camp on the northern side of mount Kilimanjaro's tallest peak, Kibo. A bit further from it is third cave camp. The campsite is also at the boundary between the alpine desert and highland moor regions of the mountain, with little rainfall, vegetation and low temperatures with high winds.

Abbreviationsmamsl - metres above metric sea level

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