Shira cave campsite

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Altitude:3840 m.a.m.s.l.

An overnight camping area along the Machame route of mount Kilimanjaro.

It is the second encountered while ascending on the route.

The word "cave" in its name refers to a nearby one that was used for accommodation before the presence of the actual campsite and ranger's cabin

However, this practice has since been banned for safety reasons.

The campsite has no built accommodation or cabins, thus anyone intending to stay here need to bring a tent.

The only cabin onsite is for the camp's ranger and also where everyone staying at the camp is required to register.

Toilets are all dry toilets or pit latrines due to the lack of a water supply.

The camp also has a good view of the foothills down below and Kibo, which is where most people staying here are headed.

What to do thereVisit the caves, if you arrive early.

Also possible are hiking, bird watching, picnics and camping

Best time to visitThe warmer seasons of the year, usually July to February.

Location of Shira cave campsiteLike its name suggests, Shira cave campsite lies on the Shira plateau — one mount Kilimanjaro's three peaks.

It also is in the heath zone of the mountain's western end.

Short trees and shrubs make up much of the area's greenery, though there are a few outliers that grow to as much as 3 metres.

Nearby is the shira 2 camp that is used by the Lemosho and Shira routes.

For this reason most people at the campsite have the option of using the much larger Shira 2 campsite.

Winds at the campsite are normally high and although it does rain, this doesn't happen as much as in the rain forest.

For those on the Machame route, the next campsite after this is the Lava tower campsite.

How to get thereBy hiking from one of the gates.

Abbreviationsm.a.m.s.l. - metres above mean sea level

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