Messum crater

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A large caldera in the Namib desert, formed over 130 million years ago when a magma chamber in the Goboboseb mountains collapsed.

It has a diameter of 18 km and a gentle slope that makes most of it reachable on foot or by car.

Around its perimeter are two concentric circles of rocky outcrops that are a remnant of both volcanic activity and subsequent erosion.

The crater's interior is devoid of rock formations, except at its centre where the magma vent used to be. However, there is some plant life in the form of Welwitschia and lichen fields.

Known for its many rock formations, amazing scenery, caves and the 2000 year old rock paintings inside it.

What to do thereSight seeing, hiking, picnics — explore the crater, may take more than a day.

Also possible are camping nearby, game viewing and rock climbing.

Best time to visitAny time of the year.

Location of Messum craterOn the border between Dorob national park and Tsiseb conservancy.

It also is within the Namib desert.

How to get thereBy road — using roads that go through some amazing scenery such as huge lichen and Welwitschia fields, as well as uniquely shaped rock formations.

4x4s are not necessary, though recommended.

References1. By Hans Stieglitz - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

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