Kikuletwa hot spring

 Kikuletwa hot spring of kilimanjaro region, a view of its crystal clear blue waters <sup>1</sup>

Kikuletwa hot spring of kilimanjaro region, a view of its crystal clear blue waters 1
A natural warm water pool in the outskirts of Moshi — Tanzania and part of a small river with crystal clear water heated by volcanic activity.

Despite the name, the water is not hot but rather warm with a blue colour and a number of fish living inside it.

In some places, there is hot water that can be seen constantly rising from underground water ways, giving the impression of boiling water.

The pool itself is quite large and over 5m deep in some areas. All this adds up to a rather beautiful environment that everyone should at least get the chance to experience.

Kikuletwa hot springs has a campsite next to it that also doubles as a picnic or parking area, however use of this area as a campsite is at your own risk.

What to do thereSwimming, camping.

Best time to visitDuring the dry season of July to December every year.

Location of Kikuletwa hot springIn a secluded area far off the tarmac roads around Boma Ng'ombe district of Kilimanjaro region.

The hot springs are in the middle of a semi - arid area, however the springs themselves are surrounded by thriving greenery, mostly trees, giving them the appearance of an oasis in the middle of nowhere.

There also is a small village nearby.

How to get thereBy vehicle

References1. By Daniel Msirikale - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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