Nakambale museum

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One of Namibia's private museums, showing a history of Olukonda and the missionary station within it.

It is housed inside an old missionary station from the late 19th century, with a collection that includes items from it, the indigenous Ondonga people, and their history.

Named after old Finnish missionary Martti Rautanen — nicknamed 'Nakambale' who built the church in 1889 and missionary station in 1893. Both still exist today in the same compound though the church is less used in favour of a newer one nearby.

Also in the same compound are the graves where some of the missionaries were buried, and an exact replica of an Ondonga household with demonstrators showing their traditional lifestyle.

For accommodation, there is a rest camp with traditional huts, modern toilets, showers, electricity and a campsite.

What to do thereExplore the museum or learn more about the history of Ondonga people, the missionaries and Olukonda.

Also possible are camping and taking part in traditional Ondonga cooking, dancing and games.

Best time to visitAny time of the year.

Location of Nakambale museum In Olukonda — a small settlement about 10 km south of Ondangwa in Northern Namibia.

How to get thereBy vehicle, walking, cycling.

There is a train station and airport in Ondangwa.

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