King nehale lya mpingana gate

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One of Etosha national park's lesser used gates, named after King Nehale Lya Mpingana who ruled over the area during the late 19th century.

It has an office for the park authorities and access to the park is usually restricted after dark.

What to do thereGet park tickets, make payments, or get information about the park.

Best time to visitAny time of the year

Location of King nehale lya mpingana gateKing Nehale gate sits on the north eastern end of Etosha national park.

It also sits inside the Etosha salt pan, an arid area with little to no plants growing.

How to get thereBy road, as there aren't any airstrips nearby.

But there is one at at Namutoni lodge, about a half hour drive away, as well as in other parts of the park.

You may need a vehicle to get around the park.

Or use a rental/private car, with gravel roads leading to and from the gate, and in other areas of the park.

There also are a number of companies offering affordable self drive tours as well as overland tours.

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