Gura waterfall

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Situated on the opposite side of the same gorge as Karuru falls, but with a shorter drop.

It falls from the moorlands of Aberdare national park, to an impenetrable ravine at the bottom before joining the water from Karuru falls.

Usually viewed from the Karuru falls observation deck.

What to do there?Hiking and trekking, nearby, bird watching, game viewing, picnics, photography.

Best time to visitAny time during the less rainy days of the year

Location of Gura waterfall Gura falls are situated on the southern end of Aberdare national park, with Karuru falls on the opposite side of the same gorge.

How to get thereBy vehicle, or hiking.

We aren't entirely sure about the presence of a trail to the falls themselves.

The nearest airstrip is near the Queen's cave area, though others exist outside the park.

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