Mawe ya simba kopjes

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A small cluster of Koppie that are located in the south eastern part of Serengeti national park. They serve as a tourist attraction both for their addition to the Serengeti landscape, as well as the animals that live in or around the area.

Best of all is their position near the the start of the wildebeest migration route, a short distance from where they spend three months calving. Thus depending on the time of the year, a visitor to the area could get to see both the calving and the migration.

But unlike other kopjes in the Serengeti, this one has fewer hills.

What to do there?Game drives, baloon safaris or normal airplane safaris, with animals to be seen including, lions, zebra, leopards, cheetahs, wildebeest, buffalo, hyenas and many others. For a list of other attractions that you could visit in the area, please see the section below after map or the attractions page

Best time to visit?Any time from December to the first three months of every year, when the wildebeest are nearby, the plants are green from the short rains of November and December, and the roads are not yet soaked with the heavy rains of march to June.

Location of Mawe ya simba kopjesMawe ya simba kopjes are located in the southeastern plains of Serengeti national park. For more information on this location, please see the map below

How to get there?By air would be the most convenient, landing at the nearby kusini airstrip and using a prearranged vehicle to get around the area.

For the more scenic - land based route, you could use a private, rental or tours and travel vehicle - with no preference for 4 x 4, though one may be necessary if intending to roam the plains during the rainy season.

For more information on park fees and tariffs, please see the TANAPA website, and if going there by a private car, fees paid include vehicle entry fee, camping/accommodation fees and conservation fees.

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