Maundi crater

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Altitude: 2760 m.a.m.s.l.

Maundi crater is a relatively small depression that is located near Mandara huts campsite on mt Kilimanjaro. It was formed as a result of the volcanic activity that was present on the mountain, evident today by the hampered vegetation growth that is present inside it today. The lowest part of the crater has even less vegetation when compared to the surroundings.

Today the crater is used as an extra hiking destination while on the Marangu route, giving hikers astonishing views of the mountain that lays ahead and also that of the lower lands that they came from. The Maundi crater hike also provides much needed acclimatization on the first day for those who arrive at the first camp early.

Location of Maundi craterMaundi crater is located less than 1km from Mandara huts campsite on mount Kilimanjaro. Its location is also right at the edge of the rain forest part of the mountain. To get there you would need to be at or near Mandara huts campsite. Hikers have the option of hiking to the crater from Mandara as part of acclimatisation on day 1 or as a detour on your way to Horombo huts on day 2.

The hike to the crater takes about 15 minutes and hikers would need to arrange an extra excursion with the guide or travel agent as this is mostly not covered by the route, however, most guides would gladly get you there for a small tip.

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