Boundary hill gate

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Altitude: 1200 m.a.m.s.l.

A security checkpoint and ranger's outpost on the north eastern border of Tarangire national park. It has limited facilities such as toilets.

From here eastwards lies the Randilen wildlife management area, where animals are allowed to freely move into, especially in the rainy seasons.

What to do there?Pay for your permits, get them checked in or out before entering or leaving the park. You could also get information about the park, or ranger to accompany you, with the need to prearrange with park authorities on the latter.

The park uses an electronic system for the permits, with payments being done by card. For a list of other attractions in the area nearby, please see our attractions page.

Best time to visit?Any time of the year not in the rainy season of March to June, when most animals migrate away from the Tarangire river.

Location of Boundary hill gateBoundary hill gate is located a short distance east of the Boundary hills, and on the north eastern border of Tarangire national park. For more information on this location, please see the map below.

How to get there?By road or air, with the latter using any of airstrips inside the park, with flights from most airports in the country.

Or you could use a vehicle, whether privately owned, rental or tours, from any of the entrance gates, lodges or locations inside or outside the park.

For more information on park fees and tariffs, please see the TANAPA website. Tariffs for a normal self drive safari normally include conservation fees, vehicle entry fees along with camping or accommodation fees if spending the night.

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