Rongai gate


Altitude: 1950 m.a.m.s.l.

The Rongai gate is one of the many entry points into mount Kilimanjaro national park that lies in the north-eastern foothills of the mountain and close to the Kenya - Tanzania border. It also exclusively serves as the starting point for the Rongai trekking route to the mountain's summit, Uhuru peak. The compound onsite also has a waiting area, toilets and a small but not long term parking area.

There are a few offices onsite belonging to the park authorities - TANAPA that serve as an administrative checkpoint for all tourists intending to get into the park. Normally, every prospective trekker would be required to complete the necessary documentation and inspections, including:
  • Verification of passport and/or visa
  • Proof of an itinerary for every day spent on the mountain
  • Proof of use of a guide belonging to a registered tour company
  • Proof of resources to support their stay on the mountain such as porters, tents and food
Failure to which entry may be denied.

Location of Rongai gate

The Rongai gate is situated in a remote area near the border between Kenya and Tanzania and in the north eastern foothills of mount Kilimanjaro. Much of this area of the park is filled with segments of tree plantations, each filled with trees of a different age whose sole purpose is the continued afforestation of the northern side of the park. There is a small town nearby to the east of the gate and another north but in another country, Kenya.

The area around the gate is the pathway for several rivers which originate from further up the mountain, one of these runs close to the gate area and you get to cross it on your way up the mountain. The pathway to the first campsite - Simba camp goes through plantations on either side of the route, but all of them are at least 2m from it. The rain forest only occupies a short length of the trek there, then you emerge into the heather region of the mountain and also a section of the mountain that holds several big game animals.

The Rongai gate is seldom used because of its location, far from any major tourist cities such as Moshi (2 hours drive) or Arusha (3 hours drive). Due to this, it is small in size, although much of the roads that lead up to it are tarmac paved (mostly because it is a pathway to another country), except for the final 500 or so metres, which is a well maintained gravel road. The drive to the place goes though the eastern foothills of the mountain, offering beautiful scenery and there are several places you could visit on your way there from Moshi, such as Lake Chala.

Abbreviationsm.a.m.s.l. - metres above mean sea level
TANAPA - Tanzania National Parks
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