Rhino point

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Altitude: 3800 mamsl (metres above mean sea level)

The first point encountered on the third, summit day of the Mt. Meru climb. Above this point, no vegetation exists.

It signals that you have reached what's left of mountain's crater rim, after the old one being blown off during a violent volcanic erruption.

From this point onwards the path goes along the top of a ridge of volcanic ash, scree and rocks.

On a clear day, the point offers great views of socialist peak, little Meru, Kilimanjaro as well as the inner volcanic cone.

What to do thereEnjoy the amazing panoramic views — usually on the way down, as the trek up is done before dawn.

Best time to visitThe warmer months of the year, usually July to February.

Location of Rhino pointRhino point sits on the northern end of what once was mount Meru's crater rim, a few hours hike from its summit.

It also is inside Arusha national park, amidst an area with lots of volcanic ash, scree and no vegetation.

How to get thereBy hiking, usually from the nearby saddle huts.

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