Ombika waterhole

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One of Etosha national park's waterholes, with a water level that reduces considerably as the dry season progresses.

Its name refers to the hand picks — used in the early days to remove rocks from its basin, and make the water more accessible 1.

Said to have a resident lion pride.

What to do thereGame drives and game viewing

Best time to visitDuring the dry season of May to October, when it is one of few water sources in the park and more animals come to drink from it.

Location of Ombika waterhole It sits near the southern border of Etosha national park — at the centre of a large-grassy clearing.

Nearby is a parking spot from where game viewing can be done.

How to get thereBy road — just a short drive north of Anderson's gate, near the tarmac road north to Okaukuejo camp.

References1. H.H. BERRY et al. (1997) Origin and meanings of place names in the Etosha National Park, Namibia. Available at: (Accessed: 6 August 2019)

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