Natukanaoka salt pan

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The second largest salt pan in Etosha national park, though much smaller in size when compared to the Etosha pan.

like the others in the area, it fills up with water during the rains, during which some of it's water comes from a seasonal river, flowing from the nearby Adamax pan

During the dry seasons, it turns into a saline desert, where very little can grow.

The only caveat is that there aren't any roads that lead up to it, with most ending at the nearby Adamax pan.

What to do thereGame viewing

Location of Natukanaoka salt panNatukanaoka salt pan sits about 15 km west of Etosha Salt Pan, amidst the Savannah of Etosha national park's northern end.

How to get thereThere are few to no roads that lead up to it. The nearest end at Adamax salt pan about 36km south

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